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The Annual Report on Competition Authority activity during 2018 and main priorities for 2019 Executive Summary
06.09.2018 - Cases
By decision no. 542, dated 04.09.2018 “On taking temporary measures for restoring competition in the rental market for ...
24.07.2018 - Cases
By decision no. 538, dated 20.07.2018 "On giving some recommendations to increase competition in the air transport service ...
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Press release regarding the participation in the meeting “Competition and ...
The Mission of the Competition Authority
The Competition Authority is acting: to assuring a free and effective competition in the market through the implementation of the “Competition Protection” law, to prevent, detect and prohibit anti competitive firms’ conduct: prohibited agreement, abuse of dominant position, control on mergers and acquisitions; to promote competition through advocacy; to implement the legal framework of an independed institution in the Republic of Albania. Promoting and advocating the competition and consumer protection is consider as crucial for a market that generate an sustainable economic growth
Lajme nga Komisioni Europian - DG Competition
About the Authority
The Competition Authority is a public body, independent in performing its duties. It started its activity on March 1st 2004 based on law Nr. 9121 Date 28.07.2003 “Competition Protection”. The objective of the law is protection of free and effective competition in the market, to increase public welfare. The Competition Authority is subjected by law to start investigation procedures on its own ...
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