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Press Release – The 17th Meeting of IGE on Competition Law and Policy, UNCTAD, Geneva

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) held the 17th meeting of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts (IGE) on Competition Law and Policy, the group established for the implementation of the multilateral agreement (UN SET) for monitoring and implementation of competition rules among UN member states, in Geneva on 11-13 July 2018.

According to the Agenda of this Activity on 11th July 2018, the Chairwoman of the Albanian Competition Authority (ACA), Ms. Juliana Latifi, was elected Vice-Chair-Cum-Rapporteur for the 17th IGE meeting, and Mrs. Vadiyya Khalil, Chair of the Competition Authority in Pakistan, was elected Chair.

The main topics of this meeting relates to: the capacity-building activities and technical assistance implemented; challenges faced by developing countries in competition and regulation in the maritime transport sector; competition issues in the sale of audio-visual rights for major sports events; voluntary peer review of the competition law and policy of Botswana, reports by the UNCTAD Discussion Group on International Cooperation and the UNCTAD Repository of Best Practice Tools.

Chairwoman of the ACA, Ms. Juliana Latifi, on 12th July 2018, is leading the Peer Review session of Botswana, that will assess the legal framework and enforcement of competition law.

Part of the panel are the competition experts as Mrs. Tebelelo Pule, President of the Competition Authority of Botswana, Mr. Tembinkosi Bonakele, Commissioner of the Competition Authority in South Africa, Mr. Francis Kariuki, General Director of the Competition Authority in Kenya and the well-known Competition Professor Prof. William Kovacic, former Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission in USA and Professor at George Washington University, USA.

As results of the discussions at this meeting, UNCTAD will present the final findings and recommendations on the law and competition policy in Botswana.


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