International Competition Network (ICN)

ACA is member of the International Competition Network, which is the largest network including almost all competition authorities in Europe and worldwide, since 2004.

ACA during 2017 has taken a more active role at ICN, becoming part of different working groups, respectively:

– Advocacy Working Group: It is an important part of ICN’s work to discuss competition agencies’ activities that address existing and proposed disproportionate public restrictions on competition and increase public support for competition and markets. Link

– Agency Effectiveness Group: This group aims to focus on various aspects contributing to efficient and effective enforcement of competition rules such as institutional and operational characteristics of competition agencies and to enable exchange of experience among the ICN members. Link

– Cartel Working Group: The purpose of this group is to address the challenges of cartel enforcement, including the prevention, detection, investigation and punishment of cartel conduct, domestically and internationally, across the entire range of ICN members with differing levels of experience and resources. Link

– MergersWorking Group: This group promotes the adoption of best practices in the design and operation of merger review regimes to enhance the effectiveness of each jurisdiction’s merger review mechanisms. Link

– Unilateral Conduct Working Group on Unilateral Conduct: Its primary objectives are to examine the challenges including addressing anticompetitive unilateral conduct of dominant firms and firms with market power, and to promote greater convergence and sound enforcement of laws governing unilateral conduct. Link


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