Press Release

In the framework of the promotion of the culture of competition, the protection of free and
effective competition in the market, the Competition Authority held today, on 19 December
2023, a meeting with representatives from Business Associations and Chamber of Commences
“Legislative/legal framework for the protection of competition and the need for a more active
role of the Competition Authority in the field of business”.
During the meeting, the Chairman of the Competition Authority, Mr. Denar Biba, presented to
the guests the proposals and legal changes of the law “On the protection of competition”, the
main specifics of the amendment of the legislation and the need for a proactive role of the ACA
in the function of business.
Also, representatives of the Competition Authority presented in detail to those present,
presentations on the “Compliance Program with competition rules” and the “Leniency
Program” in an interactive conversation with participants from the business field.
In this activity participated representatives from the Albanian, German, American etc.
chambers of commerce, legal offices and businesses interested in more detailed knowledge of
the legislation on the protection of competition in Albania..
This activity served to strengthen the legal framework for the protection of free and effective
competition for the smooth functioning of the market, as well as the increase of cooperation
between the Competition Authority and the business field, with the aim of promoting
awareness for the minimization of anti-competitive practices. Such activities will continue to
take place the following year, as a tradition of ACA to connect communication bridges with
interest groups, in order to recognize and promote the culture of competition.
Furthermore, please consult the official page of the Competition Authority at   Download the Notice


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