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In the framework of the advocacy of the competition culture, on 14.12.2023, in the premises of the Faculty of Law, the Workshop with the topic “Further promotion of the competition culture with the academic world” was held in cooperation with the University of Tirana, with the participation of the Chairman of the Competition Authority, Mr. Denar Biba, the representative of the ACA, professors and students in the field of law and economics.

In this meeting, the presentation of Law No. 9121/2003 was held by the Chairman of the Competition Authority, in order to provide the necessary knowledge in the field of competition law. Also, the case of concentration through acquisistion of control of the undertaking Albania Telecom Invest AD by the undertaking 4iG Nyilvanosan Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag in the electronic communications market was presented, as well as the case of abuse of the dominant position of the undertaking SGS Automotive Albania SHPK in the market of technical control services mandatory registration of motor vehicles and their trailers in the Republic of Albania, by representatives of the ACA. During the meeting there were discussions and various questions from the audience which were answered by the Chairman Mr. Biba and other representatives of the Competition Authority.

These workshops and informative/educational meetings will continue to be organized by the Competition Authority not only within the suggestions of the Resolution of the Assembly of Albania, “On the evaluation of the activity of the Competition Authority for the year 2022”, but also as a mission of the Authority to further promote the competition culture through the intensification of relations with the academic world on matters of market regulation.

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    Ruani Privatësin

    Të dhënat tuaja do të trajtohen me konfidencialitet të plotë sipas ligjit nr.9887, datë 10.03.2008, 'Për mbrojtjen e të dhënave personale', i ndryshuar.