Press release

Based on an article in the media on the increase in the price of edible oils, the Competition Authority states as follows:

The Competition Authority acts to ensure free and effective competition in the market in the implementation of the law “On Protection of Competition” based on three main pillars:

• abuse of a dominant position;
• prohibited agreements in the form of cartels and
• authorization for merger and concentration of enterprises.

The Competition Authority is not an institution responsible for overseeing the prices or quality of various food products.

No complaints have been filed to the Competition Authority, both by businesses and consumers regarding the increase in the price of edible oils, for at least 4 years.


    Ruani Privatësin

    Të dhënat tuaja do të trajtohen me konfidencialitet të plotë sipas ligjit nr.9887, datë 10.03.2008, 'Për mbrojtjen e të dhënave personale', i ndryshuar.