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The Competition Commission, in its meeting dated 06.06.2024, considered the report of the in-depth investigation against the undertaking Tirana International Airport LLC and the undertaking Auto Holiday Albania LLC in the taxi service market for travelers from and to the international airport of Tirana (TIA).

The Competition Commission, after reviewing the Investigation Report of the Secretariat, concluded that:

  • Tirana International Airport LLC, has implemented the decision on temporary measures by restoring competition in the relevant product market by removing the sign “Taxi without passengers is prohibited” and allowing the access of other taxis. During the administrative investigation procedure, the cause-and-effect relationship was not proven, that is, the action of TIA in setting up the table and the consequences that resulted from this behavior.
  • There is inconsistency with the rates approved for the taxi service to specify the geographic market of the taxi service from/to the airport to/from the city of Tirana, as Auto Holiday Albania LLC, while being an undertaking licensed by the Municipality of Krujë, uses the rates approved by Municipality of Tirana. These fees, which are published on the official website of TIA airport and of AHA itself, are fixed and not in accordance with the municipality for which it is licensed.

For these reasons, the Competition Commission by Decision no. 1083, dated 06.06.2024, decided:

  1. To close the in-depth investigation procedure against the undertaking Tirana International Airport LLC and Auto Holiday Albania LLC in the taxi service market for passengers, from and to Tirana International Airport.
  2. To recommend to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy that, due to the importance of the Tirana International Airport (TIA), as well as in the context of the increase in the number of other international airports in the Republic of Albania, to review the regulation of the article 37 of Law no. 8308, dated 18.03.1998 “On road transport” as well as other by-laws based on it, regarding the obligation to launch vehicles without passengers outside the licensing municipality, especially in relation to international airports.

In addition, please consult the official website of the Competition Authority at .

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