Memorandum of Understanding between Italian Competition Authority and Competition Authority of Albania

Memorandum of Understanding in the competition policy field concluded between:
Competition Authority of Albania
Italian Competition Authority
(Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato)

(Hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”)

? Expressing the wish to promote cooperation in the field of competition policy;
? Aiming at creation of favorable conditions for the development of bilateral relations and regional cooperation;
? Based on principles of equality and mutual benefit;
? Ensuring the conditions for an effective functioning of the goods and services markets according to the competition rules/principles;
? Underlying the role of competition in the real and effective development of market economy;

Have agreed as follows:

Article I
The Parties will promote and strengthen cooperation in competition law policy.

Article II
Cooperation shall be realized in the mutual interest of the Parties in the basic directions,  as follows:

a) Exchange of information on national legal framework and rules on the basis of which the Parties’ activities are carried out for the fulfillment of their respective competences in the field of competition law;
b) Cooperation for the improvement of the legal framework on restrictive business practices and of economic concentration control, taking into account the Parties’ experience and the Acquis Communautaire;
c) Exchange of experience in the field of case investigations and on regulatory reforms and liberalization legislation.

Article III
The main forms of the Parties’ interaction in the field of competition policy shall be defined on the basis of a preliminary decision of the activities’ program for each year, two months before the end of the year, and may be as follows:

a) Exchange of non-confidential information related to the legislative developments and cases;
b) Organizing study visits or training stages;
c) Attendance to conferences, symposiums, seminars and/or other events organized in Italy and in Albania having as purpose competition advocacy;
d) Organization of meetings/visits or other form of contacts (e-mails, conference calls, etc.) at high level within both Parties, also for discussing the perspectives and directions in which the bilateral cooperation shall continue.
h) Exchange of documents, studies, books, journals etc. on competition issues, if compatible with intellectual property and licensing rules.

Article IV
The transfer of information will be made in English or Italian language by e-mail or on the occasion of Parties’ representatives’ meetings.

Article V
All the expenses related to travels, meals, accommodation of the Sides’ representatives in the territory of the receiving Side within the framework of the participation in different events and meetings shall be covered by the sending Party.

Article VI
In order to apply the objectives of the present Agreement, the Parties shall designate the contact persons to be notified and shall implement their cooperation activities through the designated contact person

Article VII
The disputes regarding the interpretation and implementation of the present Agreement, if any, will be solved by the Parties through friendly means.

Article VIII
The present Agreement shall not be considered as an international treaty and does not establish any right or obligation for the Parties which are regulated by international law.

Article IX
The agreement shall not infringe and/or otherwise affect the rights and obligations of the Parties relating to other regional or international agreements, which they are signatories to.

Article X
The present Agreement shall enter into force for a period of two years at the date of its effective signature.

Article XI
Each of the Parties has the right to withdraw itself from Agreement by submitting a prior written notification to the other Party, within 3 months before the withdrawal become effective.

Article XII
The Agreement is signed in 2 copies, in English language.

Giovanni Pitruzzella                                                                         Lindita Milo (Lati)

Presidente                                                                                        Chairwoman of the Competition Authority
Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato                   Republic of Albania


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