Approval of the Resolution “On the evaluation of the activity of the Competition Authority for the year 2018”

Adoption of the Resolution “On the evaluation of the Competition Authority’s activity for 2018”

The Parliament of the Republic of Albania, gathered in plenary session on 03.04.2019, Adopted the Resolution “On the evaluation of the activity of the Competition Authority for 2018”.

The Resolution of the Parliament, appreciates the role of the Competition Authority, in function of protecting free and effective competition in the market, by intervening in sensible markets and those with recurrent problems of the Albanian economy, and which serves above all to the consumer’s interests.

The Resolution sets out to the Competition Authority that for the year 2019 its activity should be focused on:

– The monitoring of the fulfillment of the recommendations given in the markets that have been investigated during 2018, especially for the concessionary contracts in power, which bring distortions of competition in the market, by highlighting and estimating the real damage or benefit of the consumer;
– Review of law no. 9121/2003, “On Competition Protection”, as amended, focusing on fully complying with the EU legislation in the area of competition, in the framework for the preparation for European Union membership, adapted to the new conditions of the economic development of our country;
-Raising awareness of the public on the role of the Competition Authority in guaranteeing free and effective competition in the market, and a more accurate conversance of the public on the field of activity of the Authority;
– Implementation of the obligations arising from the National Plan for European Integration (NPEI) in the direction of approximation of legislation with European directives in the field of competition;
– Training of the staff regarding the evaluation of exclusive and particular rights and especially in the evaluation of public procurement procedures for prohibited odder agreements;
– Ex-ante evaluation of laws as well as notification of the Parliament regarding the Competition Commission’s decisions regarding any sub-legal act which affects the parameters of competition, while they are in the phase of being evaluated by the responsible parliamentary commissions.

The resolution particularly requests from the Competition Authority to supervise with priority, and to come up with concrete recommendations for markets with high public sensitivity and social impact such as: the banking market, the market of hospital services, the pharmaceutic market, as well as the public and private sectors for high education.


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