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The Competition Commission, in its meeting on 14.06.2024, considered the report of the Secretariat of the Competition Authority “For imposing fines on the undertaking Arlis Administrim LLC for refusing to accept inspections in support of the decision of the Competition Commission”.

During the inspection at the undertaking Arlis Administrim LLC, the inspectors of the Secretariat, authorized in writing by the Commission to carry out inspections, were refused for providing any type of information related to the object and purpose of the inspection, contrary to the provisions of Article 36, letter (b) , (c), (ç) and (d) of Law no. 9121/2003.

Pursuant to Article 73, point 1, letters (c) and (ç) of Law no. 9121/2003 “On competition protection”, when enterprises refuse to accept inspections in support of the decision taken, or refuse to answer questions about the facts, or obstruct the inspection, the Commission imposes fines, to the extent of no more than 1 percent of the total turnover of the preceding financial year, on undertakings.

For these reasons, the Competition Commission by Decision no. 1087, dated 14.06.2024, imposed a fine on the undertaking Arlis Administrim SHPC for a slight violation of competition, specifically Article 73, letters (c) and (ç) of Law no. 9121/2003 in the amount of 48,392 (forty-eight thousand three hundred and ninety-two) ALL.

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