Press Release

In the framework of the country’s European integration process, on March 6, 7 and 8, 2023, the “Bilateral Screening” meeting took place in Brussels, in which the Competition Authority (CA) – as the leader of Chapter 8 “Competition Policy “, was represented by the Chairman of the CA, Mr. Denar Biba and other representatives of the institution.

During three very intense days, the meeting focused on the presentations of CA representatives, regarding the Legal and Institutional Framework of Chapter 8 “Competition Policy”; Antitrust Rules – Prohibited Agreements, Dominant Position; Control of Concentrations and presentation of concrete cases of implementation of Law no. 9121/2003 “On the Protection of Competition”.

The leaders of the meeting, part of the European Commission, presented a series of questions which received concrete and professional answers from the CA representatives, conveying a very correct and dignified representation in this important meeting.

We are happy to share with the public the final conclusion of the head of the European Commission unit, Mr. Marc Jorna that, “If it were for the Competition Authority, if the accession day were tomorrow, you are ready to join [us]”.

The Competition Authority as leader and coordinator of Chapter 8 “Competition Policy” will continue its role as an independent institution to ensure free and effective competition in the market in function of the accession process and further alignment of the legal framework with acquis of the European Union.



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