Press Release

The Competition Commission, in its meeting on 08.06.2023, approved with Decision no. 990, the Instruction “On unofficial instructions regarding new or unresolved issues in relation to articles 4 and 9 of law no. 9121/2003 “On the protection of competition” for individual cases”, which is based on the EU document “Notice of the European Commission “On informal guidelines regarding new or unresolved issues related to Articles 101 and 102 TFEU” for individual cases”.

The purpose of this Instruction is to provide security to enterprises on the legality of their actions in relation to an agreement or practice that they want to implement, in case of ambiguity, in relation to the implementation of articles 4 or 9 of Law no. 9121/2003.

Also, pursuant to the Decision of the Competition Commission no. 874, dated 25.03.2022, the Secretariat of the Competition Authority, has carried out the monitoring of the enterprises AGROBLEND SHPK, MBM SHPK and ÇAÇA SHPK in the market of import and wholesale of DAP, Nitrate and Urea chemical fertilizers.

From the administration and evaluation of the information deposited for the monitoring period October 2021 – March 2023, it was found that the average monthly sales prices of the companies Agroblend LLC, MBM LLC and ÇAÇA LLC, for chemical fertilizers DAP, Nitrate and Urea, are different, from which it follows that the behavior of these enterprises does not constitute a violation in the sense of Article 4 of Law no. 9121/2003.

For these reasons, the Competition Commission, with Decision no. 989, dated 08.06.2023 decided to close the monitoring in the import and wholesale market of DAP, Nitrate and Urea chemical fertilizers.

Today, on 08.06.2023, the Competition Commission reviewed the concentration ratio realized through the absorption merger of the company GEGA OIL SHA by the company GENKLAUDIS.

The concentration has created overlap between the parties’ activities at the national level in the oil and gasoline market, but without significant effects on the market structure due to the small market share of the absorbed company.

For these reasons, the Competition Commission with Decision no. 992, dated 08.06.2023, decided to authorize the concentration realized through the absorption merger of the company GEGA OIL SHA by the company GENKLAUDIS SHA.

In addition, please consult the official website of the Competition Authority at




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