Press Release

Following the concerns raised in the media on the implementation of the Decision of the Competition Commission no. 987, dated 24.05.2023 “For taking a temporary measure to restore competition in the market of taxi services for travelers from and to the International Airport of Tirana”, the inspectors of the Competition Authority on 12.07.2023 appeared again near the international airport of Tirana to monitor the implementation of this decision.

During the monitoring, it was evident that in the “Kiss & Fly” area or otherwise a 4-minute area (free of charge) all taxi companies with or without passengers are allowed to have access/entry to pick up or drop off passengers from and to the International Airport of Tirana.

Also, the company TIA ShPK has implemented point “b” of VKK no. 987/2023, for the removal of the sign with the text “Taxi without passengers is prohibited”.

We emphasize that, the object of the investigation by the Competition Authority according to Decision no. 984, dated 11.5.2023 “On the opening of the preliminary investigation procedure against the company Tirana International Airport LLC in the taxi service market for travelers from and to Tirana International Airport”, related to the possibility of dropping off and picking up passengers with access to unlimited and not with the long-term location of taxis in this area.



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